Fruit and Viti culture blue sprayer LED

Properly functioning nozzles are imperative when crop spraying at night !

An accurate and proper sprayer boom illumination will enable you to see and monitor properly functioning nozzles and spray pattern from the cab.
The Comatra CMTXV10 Blue LED Light is specially designed for crop spraying equipment not only ensuring the perfect illumination of the nozzles and spray pattern but also providing a much higher contrasting blue light than any other traditional white light or blue lens lights.
Our Blue LED lights have a much lower investment cost , require less installation time and are much easier and quicker to clean compared to 48 or 72 individual crop sprayer nozzle lights.

Installation Instructions
For best results the lights should be mounted on the wing booms as close to the pivot as possible. They need to be behind the boom so that the light will illuminate the nozzle pattern. No special mounting brackets are required. Once the lights are mounted connect them to the field lights. They only draw 1.5 amp so connecting them to the light circuit should not overload. See the pictures below for an example of where to mount the lights.

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BLUE LED Sprayer Light