Heavy Duty

Comatra LED Work lights offer:

  • Reduces or removes unscheduled maintenance of lighting
  • Increased reliability and longevity for increased production
  • Less expensive than HID options
  • Contains no lead or mercury
  • Low voltage electronics eliminates risk of shock
  • Increased light output
  • Thermally regulated housings eliminate touch burns
  • Long LED life, exceeds the half of an engine life
  • IP68 rated housings for superior ingress protection
  • Built in thermal management prevents overheating while still allowing the LED work light to still function
  • Solid state components completely vibration resistant.
  • Saves on fuel cost

The heavy duty LED solutions in your language
CMTX-V10 Work Light (4050 Lumen)

CMTX-V14 Work Light (6300 Lumen)